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HHPR’s construction group works with the understanding that consistent communication and relevant experience are the keys to managing the construction of a successful project. Our extensive experience taking projects through the full design and construction process allows us to create better design and through our experience in engineering design, we recognize (and resolve) potential problems in the field before they occur. We provide management and inspection services for a variety of project types and sizes and have experience with locally and federally-funded projects. Our inspectors are trained through the ODOT-certified inspector program, enabling them to inspect federally funded projects and complete all federally required project documentation.

For more information on Construction Services possibilities, please contact:
Neil Waibel, PE | or 503.221.1131.

  • Bid Assistance
  • Constructability Review
  • Periodic Engineering Oversight
  • Full-time Inspection, Documentation, and Management
  • ODOT-Certified Inspection