Water’s Edge Wellness Center

The Dalles, Oregon

HHPR provided civil engineering services for the MCMC Water’s Edge building in The Dalles, Oregon. The project was designed to LEED Gold standards. The site was designed to blend in to the natural landscape along the Columbia River maintaining existing Native American fishing platforms and wildlife habitat. Storm drainage management was designed to maintain all impervious surface runoff on-site. Parking lot runoff sheet flows to vegetated filter strips that treat and convey overflow to a retention pond. Roof gutters are directed to vegetated planter boxes with overflow going to the retention pond. The site is three acres in size and replaced an aging RV park. HHPR worked with Archaeologists to limit removal of ancient artifacts associated with this historical site on the Columbia River. The Water’s Edge project is part of a larger 60-acre Lone Pine PUD project that was designed by HHPR. The Lone Pine PUD is a mixed-use planned unit development. To date, HHPR has provided land use planning and civil engineering for the original entitlement as well as three construction phases. HHPR also designed the site access intersection on Hwy 197.