SE Sunnyside Road

Clackamas County, Oregon

The SE Sunnyside Road project reconstructed one of the main arterial roadways in Clackamas County between Interstate 205 and SE 172nd Avenue. Undertaken in three phases with local and federal funding, the project included construction of four miles of a five- to seven-lane section, 12 major intersections, and two bridges. Through attentive right-of-way analysis, the HHPR team identified opportunities to save the County over $5 million in acquisition costs, a savings which assisted in paying for construction.

Several environmentally-sensitive areas lie within the alignment including Mt. Scott Creek, which is home to several species listed as endangered by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). Impacts to wetlands were mitigated at Valleyview Church, and several hundred feet of Mt. Scott Creek was reclaimed and revegetated to provide a habitat for the endangered species. Three treatment and detention facilities were constructed for stormwater. As a part of the project, landscape options were developed to provide a “Boulevard” and “Gateway” feel for the road which include landscaping, sound walls and pedestrian facilities. The project required intense coordination and partnering with the local utility companies and agencies to allow for a smooth transition from design documents to construction.