NW Friberg/NE Goodwin Road Improvements

Camas, Washington

The City of Camas wanted to provide safe pedestrian and bicycle facilities, improve the traffic flow and safety, increase the appeal of the undeveloped industrial-zoned property, and address the expectations of local, long-term residents.

Meeting the project objectives while minimizing impacts to the right-of-way and adjacent private properties required a delicate balance. Wetlands on both sides of the roadway, high groundwater, high archaeological probability, and the potential for private property impacts all created design challenges. Mitigation measures included large, watertight underground detention piping within the roadway, retaining walls to protect wetlands, and shifting of the roadway alignment. Inlets collect stormwater runoff directly to the 60-inch detention pipe under the roadway’s bike lanes. Access ports were installed every 300 feet along the pipe to address future maintenance, testing procedures, and future utilities in the roadway.

This project demonstrates that roadway widening projects do not have to adversely impact the environment. The result is a visually pleasing 46-foot-wide roadway with bike lanes and separated sidewalks. The landscaped median islands create a park-like feel and the nearly hidden retaining walls protect the existing wetlands. While the road is expansive enough to increase the safe flow of traffic and provide safe pedestrian and bicycle facilities, it still has that uniquely local feel that makes driving through the City of Camas enjoyable.

HHPR provided the overall project management, roadway design, storm drainage and utility design, landscape architecture, public involvement, FHWA/WSDOT documentation, right-of-way plan preparation, right-of-way legals and descriptions, assistance in right-of-way negotiations, topographic survey and boundary, QA/QC engineering, construction management and construction inspection assistance.