Multnomah Boulevard Pedestrian/Bicycle Improvements

Portland, Oregon

HHPR provided stormwater design, roadway design, structural design, and landscape architecture for the Multnomah Boulevard Pedestrian/Bicycle Improvement project. An integrated design solution met project goals of improving pedestrian and bicycle facilities and providing stormwater treatment and conveyance. Continuous pedestrian facilities were added in both directions and a raised westbound cycle track and a shared eastbound path were constructed. The eastbound path is separated from vehicular traffic by a linear stormwater facility that provides treatment and conveyance along the corridor.

As a relatively new tool for the City of Portland, implementation of the cycle track required innovative rethinking of standard elements such as emergency vehicle access, drainage, driveways, and roadway cross sections. The SW Multnomah Boulevard project furthered the City’s understanding of the potential to successfully integrate cycle tracks into the City’s bicycle infrastructure system.