Hawthorne Park

Clackamas County, Oregon

HHPR designed Hawthorne Neighborhood Park, one of the of the region’s first “nature-based play” parks. The park is located in an urban area northeast of the Clackamas Town Center and provides much-needed active recreation space to this parks-deficient area of Clackamas County.

Funded in part through a Metro Nature in the Neighborhoods Capital Grant and designed through a public process that solicited input from a stakeholder group and local residents, this one-acre infill site was redeveloped as a neighborhood park incorporating sustainable design and nature-based play. Hawthorne Park’s nature-based play elements include gravel and sand play areas, climbing logs and boulders, a farm-style water pump, unique tree-style swing set, looped paths to encourage movement and exploration throughout the park, and animal tracks stamped into the paths to foster understanding of native wildlife.