Hassalo on Eighth

Portland, Oregon

Hassalo on Eighth has redefined Portland’s skyline by transforming what was once a financial district surface parking lot into a thriving four-block ecodistrict where residents live, work and play. Located in the heart of the Lloyd District, this superblock is impressive with over a million square feet of new construction spread over three buildings, 657 apartments, 1,200 below-grade parking stalls, an outdoor urban plaza, and Lloyd Center Station, North America’s largest bike hub.

HHPR provided civil engineering and surveying services for the site. Roadway, frontages, and paths are all in support of the 20 Minute Neighborhood, offering residents easy access to places and services they use daily without having to rely heavily on a vehicle. Each of the three new buildings have received US Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes highest certification, Platinum, and the neighborhood is pursuing LEED-ND Platinum certification.

New residents are moving to Hassalo on Eighth, due in part, to its extensive on-site sustainability approaches, as it is one of the most environmentally conscience neighborhoods in Portland. Site-specific strategies include a Natural Organic Recycling Machine (NORM), the largest community water processing system in the United States that processes one-hundred percent of the wastewater on site; rainwater harvesting and treatment; district energy; natural daylighting; access to public transportation. Hassalo on Eighth has reclaimed the neighborhood, created connectivity, and has given Portland what it wants, living up to its motto of “re-inventing the Lloyd District, one person at a time”.